NCA Annual of Titlists

In 2024, the Newfoundland Club of America will publish an Annual of Titlists for Newfoundlands that earned titles in 2023. The owner of any dog that earned an NCA water or draft title or an AKC conformation, obedience, tracking, or agility title during 2023 may have the titlist’s picture and three-generation pedigree printed in this publication. The only restriction is that the owner or co-owner must be an NCA member. Foreign titles, including Canadian titles and non-regular designations, such as CGC, will be printed with your dog’s name; however, if your Newfoundland earned only a foreign title or non-regular designation, your dog is not eligible to be included. Copies of certificates showing your dog has earned a foreign title (or non-regular designation) must be sent to the editor, Karen Clancy, for inclusion in the database.

In addition to the pictures and pedigrees, a list of all new 2023 title holders will be printed in the Annual. You do not need to submit any information for your dog to appear in this list.This information is provided by the AKC and the NCA Working Dog Committee.

Members of the Newfoundland Club of America and subscribers will receive the Annual with Newf Tide. Additional Annuals may be purchased for $15 each. If you wish to purchase an Annual, your order should be included with your submission.

To be included in the Annual, submit the items listed below to the editor to pay by check:

1. Completed “Data Form for Newfoundlands” .
2. Copy of the titlist’s AKC Registration Certificate or AKC Certified Pedigree (computer printed by AKC with the AKC seal).
3. A four generation pedigree for dogs with a foreign-born ancestor in the previous three generations. If you are certain of the color of any foreign dogs, include the colors other than black.
4. Color or black-and-white photograph of your Newfoundland.
• When choosing your picture, remember that the published picture is almost square. It is not necessary, however, to send a photo of a specific size because photos will be cropped and sized for publication.
• Pictures can be hard copy photographs or high-resolution digital photos. Digital photos can be sent via mail or on a disk.
• Carefully label the back of your hard copy photo with your name and address and your dog’s name.
5. Check for $45 (U.S. funds) made payable to the Newfoundland Club of America.
6. Stamped, self-addressed mailer or envelope for return of your photo or a mailing label and postage if the photo is to be returned in its original mailer.
• Do not use a meter to stamp the return envelope or mailer. The post office will not honor it after the stamp date.
• Do not include money for postage in the same check as the $45. Send either a separate check, stamps, or currency.


To be included in the Annual and pay by credit card, please use the new online submission form.

If you have any questions, please email. Our goal is to have every Newfoundland titlist included in our 2023 edition.

Please do not wait until the deadline. Send your Annual information now before you forget!