Newf Tide Searchable Index

NewfTide is the official quarterly publication of the NCA. You can search articles from 1971- 1990 (more issues are being added). Simply type in a search term in the box below and click the "Search" button. Your results will be returned in a table listing title, author, and publication information. If your results contain articles that are posted online, a clickable link will be included.

Search Tips:

• The search will find any instance of a word or portion of a word in the index. It may be necessary to try variations such as Working Dog Committee and WDC or American Kennel Club and AKC to get full results.

• Skillful searching is a trial-and-error process. Read some of your first search results to get new ideas for other words or phrases to try in the search box.

• If your search results returns a red button (buton) you can click on the button to read the full text of the article online. If you results return a blue button (button) you can click on the button to read an abstract of the article.








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